Running taining

Would you like to improve your running performance?

Every Saturday we offer for our customers a gratis track training.


Our trainng is focusing on the participation at a spring half-marathon, Schluchseelauf or something comparable. However, you can also participate without competition ambitions.

Every Saturday we offer for our customers a free training on the Rheinfelden new blue running track.
Prerequisite: You are able to run about 60 min and perform already a regular and periodic running training.

We have 4 different groups: 

  • Gazellen: A pretty fast group of ambitious runners, regularily participating at running competitions. During the free training on Wednesday they run with a 5:15 - 5:45 min/km pace and on the track they  perform e.g. their 1000m intervals in 3:40 - 4:20.
  • Pumas: Also members of this group are visiting from time to time some running events. Their pace on Wednesday is 6 - 6:30 min/km.
  • Hasen-1: This group prefers a unharried pace. However, some members are also doing half-marathons occasionally. The entire group will participate in May at the "Wings for Life" in Switzerland. Pace: 7 - 7:30 min/km.
  • Hasen-2: This group runs extremely relaxed, but also preparing the "Wings for Life" participation. Their pace is 7:30 - 8:00 min/km.

Entry into the training is possible at anytime. Just come to the meeting point.

Persons regularily making use of our gratis customer service and training plans should be so fair and at least purchase partly their running equipment at Laufsport Heinz 😊.


Training hours



Wednesday 7:00 pm

Meeting point April-Sept.: Parking spot Energiedienst Untere Kanalstraße
Meeting point Oct.-March: Parking spot Europastadion-swimming pool

Tuesday 7:00 pm

Meeting point all year round: Hieber’s Frische Center Binzen
(Parking spot at the back entry)

Saturday 8:00 am

Meeting point all year round: Parking spot Europastadion-open air swimming pool Rheinfelden

Thursday 7:00 pm

Meeting point April-Sept.: Parking area in a wood called Auf der Luke
Meeting point Oct.-March: Hieber’s Frische Center Binzen

Training plan

(the selection of the the training group is available at the bottom of the screen)


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